December 11, 2023

Ignorance Might Not Be An Excuse

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*Editor’s Note* – If you dare to let your mind go beyond the very structured and well-planned propaganda bombardment of the dangers of guns and apparatus, and that somehow banning the use or existence of such items would prevent criminal activity, consider the stupidity of what is found in the statement below. It very much falls in line with the idea that banning guns will stop crime and murders.

The so-called “facts,” as pointed out in the article, include a statement that poaching of wild game would increase because silencers would prevent “officers and residents to hear those now-silent gunshots.” If silencers would work so well in silencing a poacher’s gun, is the poacher now so damned stupid that he/she would not use a silencer now? To reason that silencers are illegal and therefore a criminal poacher wouldn’t use one while breaking the law, is about a dumb a reasoning that one might have difficulty in making it up.

Somehow, mindlessness prevents any rational thought about the mindset of a criminal, particularly that of a violent criminal. As it is impossible to reason with a loon about criminals’ disregard of laws, so too do we find lunacy in the lack of thinking about crime and the use of silencers.

Apparently, her decision was driven by facts presented to her by NH fish and game officials. Among other things, these “facts” said use of “silencers” would make it far more dangerous in the woods for non hunters, as well as contributing to increases in poaching due to the inability of officers and residents to hear those now-silent gunshots.

Source: Ignorance Might Not Be An Excuse…. : The Outdoor Wire