November 27, 2022

Southern Maine’s Invasion of Black Bears

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Here we go again! Bears are showing up in places in southern Maine, where most people necessarily do not expect to find bears wandering around in the daylight, and Maine officials are “rounding up the usual suspects.” (Note: As an explanation to the preceding quote, I refer to the movie Casablanca, in which “Louie,” the local Prefect, in his farce of pretending to be in compliance with the Nazis, is often telling his officers to “round up the usual suspects” in order that the Nazis think he is doing their jobs for them.)

According to a short article found on the Web, the Maine Warden Service (MWS) says that the bears are out because of dry weather and a lack of “vegetation.” Perhaps it is contributing to the bear sightings but isn’t this also a great time to point out the consequences of protecting bears and managing for number so large that it puts the public at risk?

And don’t forget to LOOK BIG, when you spot a bear ready to chomp on your behind!