October 1, 2022

Gun Control Works Great If You Have Disarmed Your Victims

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And what else did these governments do that resorted to the genocides they are known for? Why they made it legal of course.. In the picture you are observing soldiers carrying out a legal action ordered by the authors of the legal action.. The legal mob was following the legal law when performing these legal executions of people that did not believe in following legalese written up by insane legalese authors.. What is astonishing is the fact that people keep repeating these atrocities over stupid political philosophies.. THINK IT WON’T HAPPEN HERE IN THE ESTATES? THEY’RE HEADING US TOWARDS THIS OUTCOME NOW.. Are your philosophies and politics worth this? Some of you out there had best look around yourselves a bit closer..Those of us studying this countries “laws” have come to realize this is already legal here.  When they start doing this where will you be standing?