December 1, 2022

Modern Days “Ecologists” Advocate for Wild Predator Habituation To People In Urban Areas

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Let’s Get Real, Coyotes are the New Urban Terrorist!

Coyotes do not belong in town, in your community, in your neighborhood, or in your back yard.  The habitat in these places is not ecologically sound for coyote habitat. Concrete, asphalt, bricks, busy city streets, school yards, grocery story parking lots, lights every where, dumpsters with expired man made foods, restaurants, people working playing conducting their daily activities every where. Children playing or “learning”.. Is not coyote habitat.. It is coyote habituation to people and their communities.  If we dump food in the wild for the coyotes, bears, wolves and cougars you New Age “enlightened” “ecologists” raise all kinds of hell.. Ah, but in cities and towns feeding wildlife directly or indirectly is all good.. So our communities are your new wilderness apparently..  You’re actually advocating for habituation and predator people conflicts.. So in a nut shell, the predator pantheists are advocating for predator habituation to people and to their communities.. Rather than to predators being in their natural environments away from people and their communities.. The New Age ecology.. All we need to do is read the comments for verification that we are surrounded by insane nuts advocating for wildlife in unnatural habitat, cities and towns on top of demanding we in rural regions put up with over populated wild carnivores of all species be allowed to dictate what our outdoors liberties will be..

“He is not an ecologist. That is part of the problem. His study of coyotes comes through a rifle scope and when they are in traps. Both are narrow and distorted lenses. This should not have been published.”—Bob Ferris – Formerly of Cascadia Wild – We Like it Wild…

They like it wild even in urban areas apparently..

What next? Start dropping off dead elk, deer, horses and sheep along city streets for the coyotes? Have the butcher shops throw the scraps into the alleys? What next? Toss corpses into the streets also? I wouldn’t put anything past these predator worshiping pantheists that belong in an insane asylum..

We live in the New Age intellectual zombie land where professing ecological predator salavationism is the ultimate in insanity.