November 29, 2022

More Election Selection Deception In This World Of Lies

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“everyone with an IQ over 6 has known all along: That the elections are 95% rigged in advance, and in the case of Democrats, that number is closer to 150% because the corruption is so rampant, and so systemic within the Democrat party, that it flows through the party the same way red blood flows through humans. That is only the tip of the iceberg. With Hillary, the percentage is somewhere north of 375% rigged. ”

And the best part of the election deception is the republicans are in on it with the democrats.. And so is Trump..



“I preferred Bernie, but he moved the DNC well to the left. He now supports Hillary.
I hope people will consider what will happen to the environment under Trump. Hillary has a good record in the Senate on wildlife and the environment. The Democratic Platform is good too.
Every vote for Jill Stein on the Green Party is like a half vote for Trump.
I recall how Ralph Nader’s third party candidacy in 2000 gave us George W. in a razor thin election. I don’t want to live through that again.”—Ralph Maughan

The guy is completely beguiled by those liars..

A response;

“What good is an environment when she turns us further toward being a third world country. Again we have nothing to choose from.”

Some over there sorta get it..