September 24, 2023

Protected Predator Species Endangering Other Species

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Of course the headline is really nothing new to honest researchers. We have known for some time that over-protected predator species raise hell with other species in order to survive. Is this what we want?

In an article in the Bangor Daily News, stupid is as stupid does, is discovering that too many bald eagles are destroying other species, some of which are also protected species. “Those great cormorants living under the eagles’ gaze are some of the last to breed in the U.S. Once extirpated here, the great cormorants too have made a comeback, reaching a peak of 240 nesting pairs in the early 1990s.

“And there are 40 pairs this year — and eagles have been attacking every colony every year, pretty much,” he said.

“It’s not just great cormorants getting harassed. About 50 miles southwest of Drury’s birding grounds, in Casco Bay, state biologist Brad Allen is documenting declines in several avian species, some common, some not. Recently he was looking for great blue heron, designated a species of special concern in Maine.”

And thus we see one more time where attempting to manage wildlife species according to the demands and whims of society falls flat on its face. Science has been given a back seat to which group of environmental mental midgets and emotional insanity can make the most noise and come up with the most money to force fish and wildlife managers to destroy one species while protecting another.

These environmentalists are the first to cry out that “nature is in balance”…if man butts out, but are the first in line to butt in when they want to have their perverted desires to see more wildlife from the comfort of their air-conditioned automobiles met.

What utter nonsense!