December 4, 2022

Text of Maine Ballot Initiative to Require Background Checks on all Gun Sales

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Below is a link to fascist, idiot Michael Bloomberg’s ballot initiative that will be up for a vote in the upcoming November election. As you can see, if you go look, criminal fascists like Bloomberg pay big money in order to write laws and proposals for laws in language the common man cannot understand…all for a purpose. When laws like this are passed, ignorant voters only bother to read what it written on the ballot – all written in a fashion that sounds really good. This is common and as such our own laziness and ignorance results in finding us all living as slaves in a fascist/totalitarian/police state. But we must like it.

Here’s a link to the ballot proposal and the complete text of the proposed law that would go into effect in 2017.

Here’s a link to one man’s idea of what he thinks the law says.

And another link to another man’s opinion of what this law would mean.

Note: One of my readers sent me an email expressing their concerns over this proposed law:

Tom,  [My wife] and I have been married nearly 40 years.  She has hunted with me almost all that time.  She uses my Remington 740A that my parents gave me when I was less than 15 years old.  It is still my rifle but we could run into all sorts of problems with her using the rifle (or being alone with it) if this guy is correct in his reckoning. [meaning the guy who wrote the Bangor News article]  Or would all the problems just go away if I registered my weapons as the next (unspoken) step in the plan to disarm us proposes.  What would happen in a hunting camp with only a couple of guys there but with 3 -5 others away hunting and having left some back-up guns at the camp?