February 9, 2023

Just a Random Thought

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I understand the need or want of media outlets trying to find ways of making money. Nobody wants to buy their crap newspapers. Thinking that the change is the age of electronics and not the crap content of their news items, most media outlets have begun putting more effort into monetizing their websites. The result is that readers must spend the first 1 or 2 minutes, in some cases more, waiting for advertisements, most forced upon the reader, to load making it impossible to read. Combine this with the fact that anytime a user clicks their mouse or scrolls, a pop-up, pop-under, or new page of advertisement loads – sometimes multiple page, readers are stuck in some kind of cyber maze with no way out except to cancel the entire browser page. How is there profit in this?

When I first began a news oriented website, one of the first things I learned was that readers have short attention spans combined with zero patience waiting for pages to load. Did that disappear? Why do advertisers waste their money on these sites? Surely their return on investment has to be poor, at best.

For me, I am fed up. I’m almost at a point of never visiting or creating links to a lot of website because I don’t want to be associated with the bombardment of ads, the majority of which I have no control over.

Therefore, I am going to begin, at least for the most egregious of the offenders, to state the name of the site where something of potential interest exists, and let the reader decide if they want to spend the time and effort to read something that is probably fake anyways.

I once believed that for me to post a “teaser” and a link to a website where the entire content could be found, was doing the owner of that other site a favor. Perhaps I was and still am but if my readers get frustrated by following the links I provide, in the long run they will associate my site with that crap.

I have never loaded down my website with ads and try very hard to make sure that any videos I may post have to be activated by the reader. I refuse to force my readers to have to wait while unwanted advertisements load.

At present I pay for everything for this website out of pocket. I have no paid advertisers and will not do so. I am repeatedly turning down requests to run ads on my website. I know it costs me money but I feel that it is more important to educate readers than take advantage of them for profit. When the day comes that I am forced to do as the big guns in media are, I’ll quit. However, I doubt seriously that it will come to that because Internet censorship will be here soon, at even a grander scale than at present, I will be long gone by then.

So, I hope readers enjoy that they can come to this website and quickly and cleanly navigate the site and find information that is valuable to them.