November 29, 2022

Political Campaign Lying

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Before I hit the “unsubscribe” button, I wanted to show readers part of the content of an unsolicited email I just received from what is described as the Trump Campaign, and from a new campaign manager.

I am proud to join the team as Mr. Trump’s new campaign manager.
Yesterday I asked him to give me a list of our strongest supporters.
Your name showed up on the list as a Big League supporter.


Of course few can see that the lying person who told voters all the things he had to say to get the nomination, is now being a chameleon, as all lying politicians do, making himself into something he is not, or what he presented himself as a few weeks ago, in order to “get more votes.” Of course the willful blind cannot see that he said whatever he had to say and be whatever he had to be, for votes during the Primaries.


My God! Will anyone ever get it and just stop voting for these lying POS?


What if THEY threw an election and nobody showed up?

Yesterday, writer/contributor Rattler Rider told us about “The Ditch.” I guess this applies.