January 31, 2023

300+ Reindeer Killed by Lightning – Must Be Global Warming

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In Norway, it is reported that well over 300 reindeer were killed after being struck by lightning. The world is full of ignorant morons who will say this happened because of global warming. However, in the report it says it’s a “natural” occurrence but a bit rare that so many would die from a lightning strike.

I recently read a person’s comments, gathered from somewhere in “cyber psycho-space” that places like this are holy and should be treated as holy. If these places are holy then I think we should seriously consider changing the definition of holy…oh, wait. The Vatican already did that.

Then for sure, we can now say this place where 300 and more reindeer got fried from lightning, is holy. At least the elk are holy, as I’m sure the power of the lightning bolt blew holes all through the reindeer.

Fight absurdity with absurdity?