December 8, 2022

How to Speak to Gun Control Supporters

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*Editor’s Note* – While it’s always a good idea to know the facts before engaging in any discussion, but aren’t we really talking about political ideology here? When was the last time anyone opposed to gun ownership was interested in rational discourse of facts? Bwahahahahahahaha! 

“While the mere carrying of a firearm for self protection will never guarantee that violence will not happen, it will give a trained and responsible individual a greater chance of surviving a lethal encounter. However, there are political challenges to this and it is important that if and when you speak to people who are ignorant regarding the laws and requirements for concealed carry, you act as ambassador for all gun owners and stress the training and responsibility of carry.

Anti-rights people will judge you and are looking for you to lose your composure, so do not give them an excuse to label all gun owners in a negative light. Be as ready to defend yourself politically as you are physically and mentally for a lethal encounter.”<<<Read More>>>