December 1, 2022

The Hegelian Rules of Engagement

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The political paradigm is placed before you. You choose a side. Others do the same. Both sides are offering the identical package for progressing towards a predetermined outcome. They are saying the identical same things using different terms. It is very clever and the majority of the combatants never learn of this clever craftiness.. Both sides fight against what they ultimately don’t want to end up with but they end up with it anyway.. The creators of the game have rigged the game.  The combatants hate each other, they lost sight of their principles and they prove this by compromising their own principles such as rights by suppressing each other from voicing their thoughts at their hangouts. They shout over one another. The division is not only between the two sides but also within both sides as well.  All the while the social engineers pulling the levers of disinformation are observing their handy work while implementing more political power and authority over all of the combatants that are distracted by the theatrics of the players within the political party of prosperity for rulers pretending they are divided when they are not. What they are doing is mocking the combatants that cannot recognize what is taking place.. It reminds me of the lonely old widow and the young handsome sexy man who keeps crawling into her bed. He cons her out of everything, pay for this pay for that and eventually throws her out of her own house because she signed it over to him.  Her friends tried to tell her.. She slammed the door in their faces..