December 9, 2022

Forensic Science

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Study the Roman Empire and then think very carefully. The Caesar became the Pope and the Senate became the College of red Cardinals (today Washington D.C. is modeled off the Roman Empire command). Nothing more  than the continuation of the Mithra solar religion with the Pope being the door to the Sun of Horus and his Cardinals being his hinges.


An in-depth forensic study of the legal history involving historical events such as the founding of the United States proves that the United States government is owned and operated by people other than the common man and woman of America and is not the “representative form” as those average people have been led to believe.  History research of the United States government proves many inconsistencies in what people perceive to be true about government, but which is not.

Forensic Science:
Motive, Means and Opportunity, Modus Operandi [signature characteristics], Cui Bono. Facts of the Case are put to a deductive analysis, building to Ultimate Fact as adduced by such analysis. The standard set for Ultimate Fact is Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

If you know your Bible then you should know who they are.. Thus if you know who they are why are you still voting for them?

It is an open and shut case.


Kings Queens Princes and presidents kissing who’s feet? The Pontifex Maximus.. The Holy See..

“Restoring a fantasy minimalist republic that never actually existed and is owned and managed by Caesar” is not the SOLUTION.

“Patriots…..what is the constantly value in this term. It is bantied about like a “god” itself. The word: patriot literally means: “one who has oath/allegiance to the PATER”. Patri- Ot(h)…..Oth…oath…comes from the Hebrew language. Patri is the Pope….EL PAPA, or Patria Potestas [the Power of the Father] and the Patron [guardian or protector] so Parens Patriae, obey the Father.”

“The United States “patriots” have appropriately titled themselves…they want a “Republic” and all “republics” were ruled by a Caesar/Kaiser/KhaiZhar….who bore the title of PONTIFF. That is the Pope….PONTIFF MAXIMUS…CAESAR…..[FALSE PROPHET]CHRISTOS ON EARTH. So, patriots that remain patriots….are about to get smoked. Chaos, death, destruction. IT IS COMING….BELIEVE ME.”—Patronymic Paralogy

Anti Yeshua, anti New Testament Anti reality world system.