December 2, 2022

How Do You Define Trophy Hunting?

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“Trophy hunting, especially in regard to large carnivores is the selective hunting of said carnivore for human recreation. The trophy is the animal or part of the animal kept, and usually displayed, to represent the success of the hunt.””The operative word is recreation. It certainly is not recreational for the animal killed, and I would hazard a guess, in most circumstances, the “trophy” killed is much more “noble” than the human that took its life.”

“And while we are at it, the same can be said for “recreational” trappers.”—Immer Treue

Can’t define it correctly or honestly and has to denigrate the man that participates in the activity..

So, the scientist sends the hunters into the field. The hunters in the case of large carnivores are hunting hunters.. Hunters that often eat their prey while it is still alive.. Trap by hamstringing it, break its neck, ripped its belly out, mangle it up and eat it while it slowly dies.. Sometimes quickly sometimes not so quickly.. And that is somehow noble?

And while we are at it the scientific trapper that sets the “recreational” trapping seasons has determined that the population being trapped needs to be less populated.. Has a surplus.. And instead of non recreational trapping by scientists being used to remove the surplus the scientists implement trapping seasons and they game department collects revenue for the recreational work being done.. Its all scientific.. Ain’t science wonderful???

I would ask these anti hunters anti trappers if they read every scientific validation by each agency in the 50 states that is the guideline for the hunting and trapping seasons they set in motion annually? Nope, didn’t think so.. So the above comment is not scientific.. It’s political bias, and pseudo behavioral social science voo doo nothing more..

The set seasons are also being done to benefit consumptive use hunting. For various reasons. The above quote is the typical anti hunting anti trapping disinformation by a disingenuous amateur with little to no hunting or trapping experience. Sitting in a tree stand reading pseudo science stories isn’t experience.

The scientific community itself that taught the hunter and trapper the benefits of both activities, large carnivore management, and trapping management.. Not only that but these practitioners of these activities answer questionnaires concerning their observations in the field which benefits wildlife management “science.”

As far as I am concerned all large carnivores are unfit for our consumption. And careful responsible management of large carnivores does provide us with wild meat that is fit for our consumption. And decreases the man versus large carnivore conflicts when they come for our horses, cattle, sheep, various types of domestic fowl and other domestic animals that we work{dogs-horses} with and use for our consumption.

I know a few trappers and large carnivore hunters and they’re normal average everyday decent men that just do a job most people aren’t interested in doing.. They certainly aren’t dishonest as the anti hunter=trapper people that never tell the entire truth about wild carnivore management and trapping.

It’s interesting that in these inexperienced with wildlife peoples minds there are unlimited available resources for wild carnivores but limited and even dwindling resources for the consumptive user..

I get so tired of these half baked liars at the WLNs bullshit web site..

“Sounds like you are opposed to all hunting. Is that right?”–Steve Shmidt

“WTF is wrong with you people? You sound like Reality22! I hunt! If I can get a deer, it’s meat for winter. Hides are donated to collection boxes in town for rendering. I don’t hang something on my wall to feed some misbegotten sense of pride that I have killed something.”

“One can be opposed to “trophy” hunting and still support ethical hunting. Get your bloody head out of the sand.”—Immer Treue

Not a psychiatrist but apparently believes he is qualified to psychologically evaluate why I or other hunters have deer mounts and elk and deer and bovine leather around the house.. It’s our property to do with what we will. Our misbegotten pride or non prideful issues concerning our products are none of this fools damned business.  Not only will they put words in our mouths they will insert emotions into our psyche.



1.the human faculty for thought, judgment, and emotion; the mental life, including both conscious and unconscious processes; the mind in its totality, as distinguished from the body.
2.the soul or self. adj.,adjpsy´chic.
Thats right, they’re “experts” on the hunter trapper psyche.. Just ask em. They know our minds better than we know our minds.. This is further proof that their psyche is pathological and psychotic.. Don’t believe it? Get some books on the subject matter and see for yourself..

Uh huh..Continuing on this advocate claiming to be a hunter. He started claiming to be a hunter and started “hunting” about four years ago. Prior to that he used to claim he was not a hunter. Had never hunted but a hunter was allowed to kill deer on his property for a portion of the meat.. Then when the wolf stamp issue was going on, started buying the hunting license. Also advocates for them to be on a “round table discussion board concerning hunting management.

Well if they took over the discussion panel and the controls of hunting management and changed it to suit their selfish interests there would be no hunting because there would be nothing to hunt..

We’ve seen what their fked up misguided hunting ethics can cause.. 15+ plus years of no wolf management in Idaho and the wildlife wreck that caused..

Enough is enough.. Fight these fools until they’re gone or lose everything.


Remember they love YNP, it’s a real wilderness and they turned it into a park with paved roads through it.. It gets slammed every summer by people to lazy to walk across it..  That is their idea of wilderness, no hunting but you can drive your car through it..


The New Wilderness.. A Disneyesque utopia.. With a paved road and motor cars running through it..