October 3, 2022

Doh! Because We Live in a Police State

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“It’s too bad that an law enforcement agency has decided to get involved in that debate,” alliance Executive Director David Trahan said. “It’s going to be an enforcement nightmare … so I’m surprised that they would weigh in and support that.”

Trahan contended that the proposed law is ill designed would place undue burden on people who want to lend or borrow guns. He also claimed it was inappropriate for Googins to weigh in on the issue in his capacity as a police chief, given that he also sits on the board of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence.”<<<Read More>>>

Think of the extra, unfettered police strong arming that can and will take place when this, so-called, unenforceable law is passed. It’s right up a Police State’s alley. Shoot to kill. Ask questions later.