January 30, 2023

Letting Your Life Be A Friction Will Not Stop the Machine

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Going along to get along is fine until you get to where they are taking you. By the time you get there and realize you have abandoned your moral code along the way, it’s too late to admit it. But you’re still a member of their club, that is the vile consolation prize for those who obey illegitimate authority. Who have become “well adjusted” to the pathological society.

Charter/Constitution/Compact/Contract are all the same type of legal instrument – An issued document that brings into fictional existence a corporation. He who ‘grants, founds, creates or establishes‘ the Charter/Constitution/Compact/Contract remains the owner of that which is created or established by it, together with his assigns. In other words the documents are private intellectual property of the signatories alone and of their offspring, Posterity, their bloodline. If you are not any of those people you’re only a subject via some contractual device designed by them.

It’s rather fascinating watching all of the subjects bickering over the management of a corporate entity that essentially owns them as property. Imagine if you will 300 million people directing the direction of this corporate entity.. Then think of the few owners and their lackey politicians being responsible for the directing of the direction of their private corporate entity.. And one of the tools they use is distracting the subjects with myths such as their vote=opinion matters concerning the direction of this private corporate entity.. Crowd control..  The false belief that 300 million or 7 billion opinions matter.. Shhhh! Don’t tell the subjects they just go into conniption fits and shriek conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy…!!! Common sense is a conspiracy..

“Truth and fiction are different. Fiction has to make sense.”
~quote from the film, The International

If you insist upon greasing the machine with your blood, well then, go ahead..