February 7, 2023

Trump Boys Slay Extinct Triceratops

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“This time, he went around his usual spot somewhere in San Diego and asked people their reactions to the news that Donald Trump’s sons posed in pictures with a slain triceratops that they had just killed in Africa. (Yes, the now-extinct dinosaur.)

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, for others, he’d ask the same thing except claiming that the Trump boys killed a saber-toothed tiger, a wooly mammoth, or a pterodactyl.”<<<Read More>>>(Caution: As with many websites today, should you choose to accept the challenge of clicking on the link to visit the host website, I suggest clicking on the link then go mow your lawn, cut a cord of firewood, or write a book – perhaps all three. Perhaps by then all the ads that are going to load and consume your browser will have happened. Unfortunately, if you dare to further your adventure and click on anything within the article or on the website, go cut another cord of firewood, then come back and take a 10 workout session deleting the innumerable pop up ads. Sorry, I understand that people want to retire millionaires making money with advertisements on their websites, but to some readers – perhaps irredeemable, deplorables, like me, can’t tolerate the nonsense. Carry on!)