January 29, 2023

We Are They And They Are Us And We Are Not Together

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We are not good enough for them so they struggle to remake us into what they themselves have become. They are unhappy and I am happy. Part of my greaat pleasure is showing them their many hypocrisies.  I am not a leftist nor am I a Rightist because those are false yet identical identities. They are one and they do not even know this. Both of them want to force me to be one with them. Why would I do this when they are one with another yet do not see that? They are very confused. They have become the culture erasers. It is the evolution of European manifest destiny and genocide turning inwards upon itself. They are eating themselves. They steal our children’s minds and turn them against us. They laugh and say we will not get you RR but we have your children, and you are dying out. They have stolen the children and made them into them, they are bloodline erasers. Brain washing them with University double speak. The religion of Universalism.

They’re all universalists now. Just like G.W. Bush said a few years ago.. We’re all Roman Catholics now. And the masses don’t even know it. My culture, my way of life, my choices to be what I am and have become are not welcome in your Universalism. I protest. I protest because we cannot be who we are anymore, according to you universalists. You say that we need to be you. We must become oppressors like you and erase any who are different.

You cannot take my rejection. I do not want to be you. I am myself. I do not want to be you. But you keep coming. You are destroying who I am. You are the intolerant ones. It is not good enough for you to be you so you fight to make me you. NO! I am never going to be what you tell me to be. Never. So your only accomplishment is forcing me to be nobody. Just call me nobody living here in your no where country. Because you people trying to make all of us be you are going no where. I will finish my time here on my terms.

I will not become you. You’re just repeating what the Europeans did here to yourselves. You have turned on yourselves. Maybe it is true that their can be no happiness in a stolen land. A land stolen from the original inhabitants and then stolen from all of you by your gods. You are the landless people. I will not be one of you because none of you know who you yourselves are. You are lost within your own minds. If you cannot recognize who and what you have become why should I even expect you to recognize me. If you do not first and foremost respect yourselves how could you ever respect me? You cannot. You cannot see therefore I will not become one with you. You are deceived and have become deceivers.

You live a deception and that in and of itself is self disrespect for yourselves. I am a man and you are out to erase all men. Only men permuted transformed into humans, altered unoriginal counterfeits are to be allowed here. Fake copies of man. At least you will only remain in your lost minds sickness only until HE THAT SAID I AM THAT I AM RETURNS and ends your madness.  No I do not want to be fake like you. NO! I prefer to be Nobody sitting here in your no where land watching you all go no where.  That is where your leaders are taking you. To no place where there will be nothing for anyone. We can never be together in such a place as that. Fighting over nothing on your way to the ultimate place of  complete destruction of all life which is no where.