February 2, 2023

The Hunger Games – A Non Fiction Trilogy

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Is “Over Population” the disease or the symptom of a larger core problem? The direction of the world has not been by the masses who “overpopulate” the Earth, the direction has been by a tiny elite. They are the ones who have perpetrated this vast fckfest of the Earth’s resources, it has all been under their direction for the whole of the ‘modern era’. It has been this “Power Elite’s” quest for power through “for control of the Earths vast resources” that has been driving the politics used to befuddle the minds of mankind for centuries. The Hunger Games in real time.


The anti ranching hunting Faustian environmental pseudo scientism is just the hooting ululations of the UNEP-UNESCO-U.N. organ grinder’s shrieking monkeys… The UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment paradigm is a mythical concept, a jejune concept, one that mankind needs to find the maturity to grow out of. The unquestioning acceptance of this myth, one saturated with internal contradictions, is that which defines the ‘Environmentalist Wolf Pimp Zombie.  Mass Mind Control Through Academiac Universalism.  Your Thoughts Are NOT Your Own!

The Hunger Games gone postal.




Communitarianism is Communism with 7 extra letters to befuddle the simple minded. It is just more of the same old collectivist bullshit in a new package. The environmental salavation of the Earth’s resources for the power elite who want it all for themselves. So the Created the Hunger Games in real time..

I really don’t have much to say anymore on this because no one really cares. These non fiction volumes with the help of international legalese dictionaries speak for themselves. Eugenics is environmentalism is the Hunger Games in real time..


Stay tuned, it’s about to get interesting..



But it’s just a fiction. So they say..