December 1, 2022

Barack Obama On Hillary

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Apparently she wasn’t good enough for president in 2008, yet, now she is?

Obama On Hillary Clinton – His Words

“Hillary Clinton says I’m out of touch. I just have to remind people of the track record. Now this is senator Clinton, this is the same person who has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate, democratic or republican. Taken more money from drug companies, lobbyists, and insurance. This is the same person who say’s she’s voting for the Columbia Trade deal, turns out that her top advisor, top strategist was working for the Colombian government to get the bill passed. This is the same person who spent a decade with her husband campaigning for NASA, and goes around saying she was opposed to NASA. This is the same person who took money from financial folks on Wall Street and then voted for a bankruptcy bill that makes it harder for folks to get a fair shake. Hillary Clinton, she’s out in a duck blind every Sunday packin a six shooter– Come on, she knows better. That’s some politics being played….” President, and presidential candidate Barack Obama – 2008, speaking in Pennsylvania..