February 7, 2023

The Question 3 Debate Continues

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The sometimes idiocy that the debate on Question 3 brings to the surface continues. Not only are readers with half a brain subjected to the recurrence of thought and voice that giving away “reasonable” amounts of our supposed inalienable rights is good and an acceptable way to counter the fascists, but we also see when the media is completely biased toward the idealism created through debate on Question 3. Here’s another sampling.

The Portland Press Herald shows the world they support Question 3 by attempting to convince readers that donations in support of Question 3, totaling around $4 million dollars is equivalent to the $1 million raised in opposition to Question 3.

The Maine Wire continues its assault on making waves about how so-called “exemptions” in Question 3, as they worded it, “are actually landmines.” While most in opposition to Question 3 would agree that the bill is poorly written, or intentionally done so to make it easier to make criminals, as with most opinions found in the media, the focus is about the “exemptions” while all indicate a support for universal background checks – whatever that is. There will never be a right to keep and bear arms, and for the purpose of affording people a choice in how their inalienable right to self-defense will be carried out, provided we continue to show a willingness to give it away, even if one inch at a time.

For your information: I don’t think I would be misleading if I said that I doubt that an overwhelming majority of people who have voiced opinions, and subsequently will cast a ballot, have even bothered to take the time to read the entire text of the proposed law entangled in Question 3. The language that will appear on the ballot is extremely misleading and is not close to being a representation of what the bill’s text indicates. Please read it. Use this link for information about Question 3, including the full text of the proposed bill. Note: After landing on the page, I know it will be a tiresome act, but scroll down the page a short ways to find the full text of the proposed law.

The Bangor Daily News says that signage around the state indicates far more opposition to Question 3 than signs found in favor. They also suggest that Question 3 might be a determining factor in candidate elections.

Gun Owners of Maine reminds everyone that just one year ago, Maine voters opted for Constitutional Carry. How can it be that one year ago, a majority of voters wanted to be able to legally carry a gun concealed without a permit, and today, the media is suggesting that their exists strong support for Question 3?


And never fear. Tom has a cure for what ails you. One good swallow of my gun control mental drool elixir and nothing will appear the same again.