October 3, 2022

Did You Really BELIEVE The Oregon Standoff ACTORS Would Be CONvicted?

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It was a staged psyop from the start in Bunkerville. A dragnet. Apparently what many of you non researching fools are unaware of is several people that were suckered into going to the First “Bundy” standoff, and the Oregon fake psyop near Burns Oregon are charged with crimes and have been quietly rounded up, jailed, charged with terrorism and other crimes. While the main actors are still playing out their bogus parts in this charade. I happen to know two people who have been sitting in jail for several months now. Their lives are ruined because they were conned by this BS.. It was a fking dragnet people! When the fk are you going pull your heads out of your backsides? Two wives and children fending for themselves because their husbands fell for this crap.. Staged by your god government.. Those two arrests were in the local paper here.. All those two dudes did was stand around in Bunkerville with their rifles.. Guess where they are now? In federal detention.. Charged with terrorism. Several people that went to Burns to the wildlife sanctuary are in jail..  Time to waky waky people.. You’re sitting in a theater believing in BULLSHIT..