February 2, 2023

Will Smith – Cosby – Prior – Obama – Will We Ever Know?

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So, if this is taking place. And has been taking place for decades. Even Centuries. It stands to reason that these people to counter a legitimate expose of this con game using various people, actors.. The establishment families would counter these exposes with false exposures of this con game using actors for various political characters. So the question is, who are the legit scientists exposing these frauds.. And who are the frauds working for them poisoning the well of information exposing the actors playing charades as various people in the news, including criminals, police officers, witnesses, victims, senators, congressmen and even presidents.. It is taking place.. yet we must be aware that there are false leads.. Making it so confusing that it becomes impossible to believe. Thats how they work. I think a member of these families is working a con game similar to an Alex Jones controlled opposition expose allegedly busting these actors while passing off incorrect or incomplete evidence of who they are and how many character roles they have been connected to.. People we have been told via the news that have passed away, have not.  Some of these people were our hero’s..  I’ll just leave you with this thought.. Several famous people we knew, that character, that persona, died. The actor, politician, singer.. athlete.. Moved on to another character role.. They retired from that role we knew them as so well..

“There are several explanations, ALL OF WHICH fall under the premise of a “Deception”, In some instances, multiple role playing, in other cases very possibly “Selective Breeding” ( or possibly “Incestual Breeding” customary of historical past Elite and Royalty families), Hollywood Special Effects Makeup, Plastic Surgery or even Human Cloning can all be included as  possibilities. And let’s not forget Photo Shopping of images and even computer generated video facial images is possible with technology today.”

Be careful what you believe out there.. And be careful what you spend your money on.. Such as autographed materials left behind by dead stars..