January 28, 2023

Maine Rejects Bloomberg’s Fascist Anti-Gun Referendum

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Maine voters rejected Michael Bloomberg’s fascist proposal to require background checks on all gun sales, including private sales, by lying, cheating and stealing to convince voters his proposal was nothing more than to increase background checks. The deceptive term used by anti-gun fascists is “universal background checks.” There was nothing universal about Bloomberg’s proposal and fortunately a majority of those voters in Maine who went to the polls, said no thank you to Bloomberg and his totalitarian “True Believers.”

The vote was 51.26% against and 48.74 with 502 of 603 precincts reporting. The vote was closer than true Second Amendment supporters and/or those who believe in a person’s right to choose how they will defend themselves and their property should have hoped for, but the proposal failed, this time around, nonetheless.

So what’s next? As I said before, even though Mainers clearly supported constitutional carry and now disprove of Bloomberg’s idea of “universal background checks,” it isn’t over. Debate during the campaign clearly showed that Maine voters support an increase in background checks, indicating they have ceded more of their rights once thought guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, thinking that background checks work and a right to self protection isn’t universal.

Mainers can expect, like with the bear hunting ban proposals, that fascists will return next time around in their assault on the freedoms of Americans. Why give them anything?