December 9, 2023

I’m Gonna Spend My Life

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That word spend. Shall we spend some time going over that word? Why not? To spend then spent.. So who is the bigger fool? The man telling another man how he should be spending his life? Or the man spending his life not worrying over those men scheming about ways to make him spend his life? The man that say’s to the busy men, “Spend your life how you see fit and leave my life alone”? I’ve spent much of my life living it how I wanted. And I knew how to do that without hurting other men. Live and let live I say. Spent time. The past. Past tense. It’s gone forever.

Think of it like this. We’re sitting in a sandwich shop. There are several sandwiches to choose from. I come to your table and tell you I am a sandwich expert and expert sandwich taster. I even have a PhD on sandwichology.. I tell you which sandwich on the menu is the best tasting and is the best one for you. I insist you spend your money and time on that particular sandwich. You know the sandwich well and you hate it.  Because you refuse to accept my sandwich choice for you I call you a deplorable stupid ass.. You would likely say; “It’s my money and time I’m spending here in this sandwich shop so bugger off.”

So then we see people fighting with each other on how to spend something far more valuable to them than money spent on sandwiches or other material things. Life itself.  The time spent on how we each spend our life’s limited time doing whatever we want as long as its not hurting people.

I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna spend my life how I see fit and you can bugger off.. Got it? It’s a limited time here. I’m not going to throw it away living a life I know I’d hate, your life.. Got it? You hate my life? Then live your own.  I want you to live your own life how you want.. So get after it.. Forget about controlling everyone’s life because in the long run yours is going to be a lot happier life.. And I bet it lasts longer.