December 2, 2022

Conservation is Not Dictated by Republicans or Democrats

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George Smith, in an article in the news today, writes a rebuttal to an opinion piece written by someone who feared Trump would be a destruction of Maine’s environment and conservation efforts. Smith takes time to refute claims made by the original author, however, it is utter nonsense that people think issues of the environment and conservation are changed according to who’s in power, i.e. whether it’s republican or democrat. If Maine people actually believe that government is of the people and by the people, then what sense is there to think one man or one party will have the authority to make those radical changes? Unless, of course, complacency among the people have allowed dictatorial powers to consume the government and/or government is not of and by the people.

At the end of his article, Smith writes: “Let’s stop attacking each other, because there are great challenges ahead, and we’ll need to be united in fighting for conservation and for our Maine outdoor heritage.”

And therein lies the rub. The attacking of each other, in other words the opinion pieces and rebuttals are all a part of a greater plan of divide and conquer. So long as the people continue to be brainwashed into believing there is any resulting difference between the so-called Left and Right and how they approach environmental issues, the divide not only continues but widens.

Environmentalism and conservationism are but two small tools in accomplishing the wishes of the Ruling Establishment. To the extremes today’s society has been led by the nose down the path of environmentalism, there should be little fear that anyone would be allowed to actually destroy our environment and prevent conservation, unless it was part of the greater plan. What should be learned, but is not happening, is that when the powers that are really in control want something, which might include the destruction of Maine’s environment, it will matter not who sits in the governor’s chair or occupies the Oval Office in Washington.

Few, if any, bother to take the time or have the mental capacity to examine the history of environmentalism and conservationism that has occurred under many presidents over many decades. If they would examine this in an honest fashion, they would be able to realize the nonsense to think the new puppet Trump has the power to do anything. He is not the one in control. He is but the puppet mouthpiece.

Rhetoric, best defined as lies, is what it was designed to be. It’s a tool to make people (lazy people) think their “side” is doing what they want. Truth is the actual result, of which few bother to examine. They, by design, only pay attention to and believe, the rhetoric and lies.

Smith is mostly right. We should stop fighting but we should also stop supporting our own destruction. How many trees and whether we are protecting brook trout, is but the least of our problems. That doesn’t mean we should forget about it. We need the resources and should be responsible with them, but thinking one man, because he has an “R” or a “D” after his name, will make those feared changes, is allowing yourself to be a pawn in a bigger game that you might not understand. It’s time you did.

Stop feeding the fire with such ignorant nonsense.