February 7, 2023

The Leftists Are Saying It’s Going To Be Fascism Under Trump?

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OMG!!! Under Trump you  will have drilling, fracking, strip mining, killings of endangered species, schools will teach creationism and more pollution. Oh Gawd!!! Under Trump you’ll have Military control rather than civilian as you citizens have  always accepted and as the founders provided, now Trump is what a strongman, dictator-wanna-be would be is gonna do.. OMG!!! Trump will force you leftists to live your lives against what you believe in instead of you forcing other people being forced by you to live their lives putting up with what you believe in.. While you call them deplorable uneducated dummies..

Notice the Fasces – bundles of sticks on either side of fascist Obama…

I can’t stop laughing… Because fascism is wonderful when you’re the fascists…