January 27, 2023

The Point In Countering Propaganda Is Not To Change The Propagandist’s Mind, But To Lay His Techniques And Dissembling Bare To A Candid World.

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Yet I wonder.. Is there such a thing as a candid world anymore?

The State is a mythical concept, a jejune concept, one that mankind needs to find the maturity to grow out of. The unquestioning acceptance of this myth, one saturated with internal contradictions, is that which defines the mainstream official news TV and pseudo science Zombie.. In effect “the medium is the message”. It is what the mainstream news TV behavior engineering pseudo science does to you that is most important, the content is incidental to the effects on the brain.

When we consider “habituation”, what this means is that the subject remains in trance long after being subjected to any of this fake information and the best medicine is to ignore it. These Zombies around us stumbling and bumbling through the remainder of there time still under the effects of this downloaded into their heads mental conditioning are never gonna see anything else.. . This is why one must avoid all but the most minimal contact with the fakery going on around us. And as far as helping the zombies to see it for what it is, forget it.

One cannot prove all men are marionettes if one is still automatonically playing out ones own role as a marionette..

Here’s a good read on the subject of denial;

“My question is, why is complete denial, even aggressive behavior in some instances, the reaction of some when the objective facts of reality are pointed out to them, while there are others who react with an increased sense of curiosity, an increased desire for additional information?

Why do some shun knowledge and others crave it?

Why do some resist the programming, and others welcome it?

It is as though with some people – those who most avidly embrace the “we are right” view – have minds that are closed from the very get-go, and they are entirely incapable of opening them, even just a crack. There is no curiosity in them. There are no questions in their minds. There are no “what ifs?” or “maybes”.

It seems to me that the propaganda of the Official Culture then, while quite effective, may not be the sole reason why so many Americans are apathetic when it comes to what their government is doing, both in the US and abroad. It seems as though there may be some distinct differences in human beings at a very basic level that needs to be considered here.

In my opinion, (KAH), all of us who were raised in the US have been duped via this Official Culture mind control imposed through the educational system and the mass media. But there are some of us who seem to have the ability to question, to wonder, to open our minds to other possibilities – even if they seem far-fetched. And invariably, this opening of the mind to other views has been enriching and rewarding on many levels, not the least of which is a humanitarian view of all peoples and cultures.

Is being able to open your mind and ask questions just a matter of “courage?” Is a closed mind simply evidence of being a coward? Is resistance to the “official culture” a consequence of a fundamental “rebellious nature” and are those who “go along with the crowd” better “team players,” even if the team is on the moral low-road?

Is the difference one that exists between people who are willing to face the “terror of the situation” and those who simply cannot live in the state of tension produced by having to make moral decisions themselves?

Or, is there something deeper here? If so, what is it? And whatever it is, why is it so “active” in the present day and time? What is the “fog” that surrounds America and the minds of its people.”~Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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We and this place were created. This mess was sent in motion. The damage we would do was foreseen, predicted and is real which is why we are locked away in a containment facility. There will be a grade at the end of this madness. Anything outside of see touch smell feel, observe, personal experience is all bullshit.

Have a nice ride.