February 3, 2023

What If The Electoral College Tossed Out Trump And Put In Hillary

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What if the electoral college tossed out Trump and put in Hillary and the result in the coming weeks was a civil war that caused the deaths of hundreds maybe thousands of people? Would it be worth it to you?

LOUISE KANE deleted my comments and blocked me from expressing my thoughts on her FB page.. That means there is no compromise.. None..

Obviously like the right you leftist believe you are immune to being deceived.  “Enlightened” people don’t have to prove you wrong they just have to delete you..Which is exactly what both sides of the political THEATER do.. They preach freedom of conscience but they practice another philosophy, one of anti freedom of conscience.. Both sides of the same political coin.. Communtarianism..

A political revolution always destroys more than it creates. See the historical evidence. Change does not always equate to good, or positive progress. I find it interesting that when political change occurs those on the receiving end of the so called good it brought them are delighted and are either ignorant of the ruin it caused others or just simply ignore that aspect of their good progressive political change.. And when the tables are turned the roles of the victors and of the vanquished are switched.. Those once victorious now experiencing defeat, possible ruin, hate being on the receiving end that a political revolution gone against themselves delivers.. The many excuses for harming others is always the same irregardless of who does it.. We didn’t mean to hurt you people.. Yeah bullshit.

The hatred both sides of this political paradigm have for the other is proof to the contrary. Division, at each others throats.. Demonizing each other to the point of not recognizing each other as people.. Then when one side marches the losers to a ditch they think nothing of it.. They just won.. This is going there because the elite cartel behind this political mind control paradigm don’t want you people to unite against them. They want to keep you at each others throats with this childish crap fussing and fighting while they plunder you and everything around you. They don’t want you to live together they want to keep you killing each other..

Unfortunately both sides of the political paradigm in this country are brainwashed into believing that they are “great and exceptional” which they are not. Each side proves it all the time with their negative comments about each other.. Enjoy the civil war you both will eventually bring upon yourselves.. Because that is the objective..

What if the electoral college tossed out Trump and put in Hillary? Or cancelled the election altogether and kept Obama in?Are you rightist primed enough for that yet? If you were primed for such action against the leftists those in control of whatever that electoral college does would do it. Because if they believe you are going to give them what they want you’ll have your civil war.. 700 hundred thousand died last time.. How many will they depopulate this time?

Because the number one reason to keep you at each others throats is their goal of depopulation..

I hope you fools out there begging for that enjoy it..

Anyone thinking it won’t happen again isn’t paying attention..