December 1, 2022

Man Hunting With Dogs Is Natural

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As wolves hunting with wolves and as natural as coyotes hunting with coyotes.. Anyone claiming when a man and a dog go hunting together that it isn’t hunting, isn’t fair chase, has likely never tried it. they are likely not even a hunter gatherer stalker either.  Man has been using canines for hunting all types of things for centuries.  For food, lost people, lost livestock.. The canines love it.  Animals rights activists don’t really care about animals so called rights. What they really care about is demanding the hunter gatherer men and women live with less rights. They want to punish man. Animals will never recognize the rights of other animals nor of man. Animals rights is an oxymoron.  The object is to end all hunting by chipping away at man hunting with dogs, horses and dogs, man using traps, then men stalking, then men ambushing from cover.