December 3, 2023

Eustace Mullins Said G. Edward Griffin Stole His Work

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Not only did Griffin swipe Mullins work he used it to misdirect the facts turning it into cleverly worded misinformation. As can be seen in the blog site real currencies titled Who is Ed Griffin.. I’m pointing this out because I’ve noticed that amateur researchers have been duped by Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island“… Which as it turns out is a defensive action against Mullins “The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve.. I happen to have every first edition by Mullins.. I’ve only been at this for 30 years.. I will say there is a shill masonic who has hi jacked the wolf program counter attack causing a schism in the movement and he is keeping the hunting community that supports wolf management divided to the point of no communication no working together on that issue.. He pushes Griffins fake book.. Thats another story for another day.. That liar will be exposed eventually.

Who is Ed Griffin?