November 29, 2022

True Effects Of Predator Control

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Some people have been saying for 40 years or longer that we ought to leave the wolves and coyotes alone. That we have got to have them for the balance of nature. Funny thing is the majority of these people other than a few rural located bleeding hearts for wolves and coyotes who don’t raise livestock that shout from where they live in cities and towns where they threw nature out years ago. They are not going to give up their automobiles and paved streets and sewer systems and fluoridated water systems and wireless gizmos for entertainment to get nature back.. But they damn sure feel free with advice backed by some opining coyote loving science guru  on how we ought to “coexist” with wolves and coyotes around our livestock.

You’d think these people never mouse trapped or sprayed flies.. People that have never seen their domestic dog sheep calf colt or Lama with their guts tore out just don’t understand how unlovable the damned wolf or coyote can be.. To top it off they’re full of advice about how to protect our livestock from wolves and coyotes when the fact is they’ve never proven their protect theories works because they don’t have livestock nor live around wolves and coyotes. Thus are not credible advisors concerning domestic animal husbandry.

The wolf coyote lovers feel sad when they see a dead wolf or yote.. I feel sad when I see the damage they do to wild elk, deer, hibernating bars bear cubs and cougars or any livestock domestic dogs included.. The other issue I have with these people is only their thoughts and emotions are valid while they’re the ones sticking their noses in other peoples business. I say man has got to be part of natures balance too.. You can’t raise wolves coyotes and cattle or sheep together anymore than you can let your city children play baseball in the freeway..This “science” will never be settled.. Because the wolf and coyote lovers have been taking giant emotional unscientific steps backwards from the reality of thousands of years proven by people that scratched their livings out of the lands of this country..

Of course the urban wildlife guru will claim all of us living with both domestic and wild animals are just biased uneducated people that don’t deserve a voice against their dogmatic hands off the wolves and coyote doctrines. Backed by ever evolving flawless scientific scripture written by perfect experts free of any biases or ideological imperfections..

These arguments were settled long ago.  History proves predator control is valid.

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