October 1, 2022

Climate Change: We’re All Gonna Die! Or Maybe Not

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It’s unending all the nonsense about the negative B.S. about fake climate change. What’s interesting, but impossible to see if you subscribe to global warming, is that not only is all the predictions that have been made not come true but that during this same period, and predictions for the future, the contradictions are laughable.

The Free Press of Maine says that moose and red spruce trees are going to rent Ryder Trucks and move to Canada before they all die from “Climate Change.” Models, the worthless devices that they have proven to be, keep telling these clowns that Maine is going to eventually be just like New Jersey. Can you imagine that? I hope they are talking about climate and not about the “state” of New Jersey. Which reminds me of the guy who went to the doctor and found out he had six weeks to live. He told the doctor he was moving to New Jersey. When the doctor asked why, he told the doctor that things are so miserable in New Jersey, six weeks seems like six months.

But seriously, even if this hocus-pocus, voodoo science Climate Change nonsense was even real, would it be so bad? Forget that even though we are continuously misinformed that Maine has warmed 3 or 4 degrees “on average” (never forget to toss in that qualifier), there are no indications that anything is changing. Would we notice it if it did? Maine has more moose than ever before and deer in some locations are missing. According to Climate Alarmists, it should be the other way around. And, if it was, would that be a bad thing?

It might be a bad thing for those trying to kill moose with disease in order to make a buck or two (dollars that is) but what about the deer? Deer hunting used to be big business and it was great family fun. Would it be so bad that there would be, once again, some deer around to fill the freezer? Hunting camps might be covered in oak and maple leaves instead of pine and spruce needles, but we can live with that.

The Alarmist also say that there won’t be any spruce trees left and will be replaced with maples and oak trees. I say good riddance to the spruce trees. I’m sick of hearing about spruce budworm and all the environmental woes involved with that. Sure dimension lumber might tick up in price but according to the news, all them trees are moving to Canada. We can buy them back pretty much like we are now. What’s the big deal?

Maple trees make good sugar and oaks provide a great mast crop for a myriad of wildlife. I’m guessing it would still be cool enough to need a wood fire to take the chill off. With so many maples and oaks around, I bet firewood prices would fall through the floor. That’s good for the consumer.

It might even become so warm the black flies will skedaddle.  Wouldn’t that be a shame.

This years record-breaking snowfall, I guess, would become record-breaking rainfall. Is that good or bad?

If the spruce trees migrated north that would mean no more spruce budworm, which would mean no more clear-cuts. This of course is not good for the moose but it’ll be too warm here anyway. They’ve already rented the moving truck. But, with no clear cuts, the snowshoe hare will disappear and that would mean the Canada lynx will go wherever the rabbits have gone and Mainers could get back to trapping in normal fashion.

Maine is filled with seasonal jobs and employees. That’s why you sometimes see business signs that read, “Cabinetry and Firewood.” All I want to know is which came first. Some of those seasonal jobs are plowing snow from driveways and parking lots. Those would have to be replaced, perhaps by jobs that are not so dependent on the extremes of climate. Sounds bad but there’s something to be said about a steady, year-round job.

The ski industry would suffer but not as much as they might think. It’s a dead end industry now, where each ski resort competes for the tiny few who can afford to do it anyway – much like golf; which, by the way, would become a year-round opportunity. Probably time-share sales would spike through the roof and Katahdin Woods and Waters would become the new Disney of the North. Imagine! Those ski areas could be turned into mountain bike parks, theme parks, with activities like wild hog watching, or, if it gets real bad, guided alligator hunts. Look at what happened to Orlando after Disney moved in.

As you can see the foolishness can get easily out of control as can the nonsense and spouting on and on about how we’re all going to die. Most people prosper in warmer climates and history has shown us that the most bountiful years have come during spells of warmth – the opposite when it’s cold.