December 6, 2022

May Day May Day May Day

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From Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (Part III, Ch. I, paragraph 17)

“It was on the first of May 1776, that the inauguration [of The Order of the Illuminati] was celebrated. Let the reader well observe this epoch. It indicates a feeble beginning; it preceded the French Revolution but by a few years; that however was the time when that abominable sect first started into existence, which was to combine all the errors, all the conspiracies, and all the crimes of the adepts of Impiety, Rebellion, or Anarchy, and which, under the name of Jacobin, was to consummate the dreadful Revolution. Such was the origin of that Sect, which I had in view when I proclaimed to all nations, and unfortunately with too much truth, ‘That whatever their government or religion might be, to whatever rank they might belong in civil society, if Jacobinism triumphed all would be overthrown; that should the plans and wishes of the Jacobins be accomplished, their religion with its Pontiffs, their government with its laws, their magistrates and their property, all would be swept away in the common mass of ruin! Their riches and their fields, their houses and their cottages, their very wives and children would be torn from them. You have looked upon Jacobinical faction as exhausting itself in France, when it was only making a sportive essay of its strength.’” ~ Abbé Barruel, 1798