November 29, 2022

Study Claims Noise is Negatively Affecting Animals

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*Editor’s Note* – I hate noise. For some people noise gives them energy. For people like me, noise tires me out and I have very sensitives ears, sometimes causing me pain when I am caught off guard from sharp, penetrating noises. I would be the first one to say that this world is far too noisy. I have problems with some of the “conclusions” those involved in this study have drawn, i.e. that the noises caused by humans affect wildlife because they are “less able to escape predators” and further down in the article saying that animals are reacting differently causing a change in the dispersal of plant seeds etc. In short, the sky is the limit in anyone’s conjecture as to how noise might effect most anything. And if that isn’t enough….the sky is falling!

The problem with this supposition is that it is all based upon the hearing abilities of man. Researchers appear to be assuming that because background noise might cause them to miss out on the “natural” sounds of the forests, that the animals are also unable to hear those sounds – even the sounds they might depend on to escape predators. If so, then how do the predators “hear” where the prey is? The noise level is the same for all members of the animal kingdom. If prey cannot “hear” predators, predators cannot hear prey. While their ability may or may not be negatively affected by human-caused background noise, are we to forget all the other extra fine senses our Creator gave the animals in order to assist in their survival?

Or, is this simply utter nonsense brought on by the selfish desires of a handful of people, who have probably never taken a lick of preventive measures in their lives to protect the hearing ability God gave them. 

Yes, there is noise. Too much noise. I hate noise. I prefer to be where it is quiet. So what is the solution? It appears some might be suggesting an all out ban on “protected” areas from anything that causes too much noise. Who gets to decide what is too much noise? Do we divert all aircraft around a “protected” area so people can stand still, with their already damaged hearing organs in hopes of hearing the screams of two porcupines undertaking the act of copulation? What then?

The short of all this is that the study is a waste of time and serves only to further fuel the ignorance of those who repeatedly insist on projecting human traits and qualities onto animals. I wonder if we will EVER grow up?

The sounds of the natural world are being overwhelmed by the blare of human activity, even in protected wildlife areas, new research has revealed.

The racket is not only harming people’s enjoyment of natural havens, which are known to have significant benefits for both physical and mental health, but it is also affecting wildlife, with animals less able to escape predators and birds less able to find mates.<<<Read More>>>