October 2, 2022

Wolf Programme Had Support From The Clinton Administration And Bruce Babbit

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Or Obviously The Wolf Programme Had Permission From The President Himself Of The Clinton Administration And Bruce Babbit..

Who has political authority to bypass congress on domestic issues? The issue I’m thinking about would be the wolf reintroduction program using 45-60 million of funds the federal employees and the agency USFWS apparently used to get the reintro done.. So it’s simple, they had the go ahead from a powerful member of the Clinton Administration, probably William J. Clinton himself..

Maybe under some war powers provision.. Some technicality that has been overlooked. There’s probably a signed approval someplace.. The trick is finding it. There might also be some International Treaty implications as well.. The introduction would be under the implementation of The United Nations Environmental Policies Global Biodiversity Assessment being implemented, yet guess what congress never approved that idea either.. Nor has the congress approved the Agenda 21 Programme of Action either but it is being implemented..

The wolf program is part of that environmental philosophy all of these nations agreed to at the U.N.. When they agreed to go along with the United Nations Environmental Policies.. Congress isn’t investigating this because they don’t want to, and because they don’t have the political authority to go get whoever did approve it..Because it is isn’t illegal.. These powerful people don’t owe the subjects any explanations.. And knowing how these governmental pecking order business deals go down there is a paper trail permitting this wolf programme to proceed. So keep squeaking about alleged unconstitutional actions, which are highly unlikely or get off your not interested in real researching asses and find the correct paper trail.. I bet you a president signed it..

“the process to restore wolves to Yellowstone went surprisingly smoothly. Early U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service work, combined with the vision of National Park Service (NPS) Director William Penn Mott, the quiet leadership of Yellowstone Superintendent Robert Barbee, the detailed planning of the Recovery Team, support from the Clinton administration and Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, and final implementation by Edward Bangs and Steven Fritts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, with big assists from Yellowstone planners John Varley and Wayne Brewster, were the reasons for the success. Michael Finley was park superintendent when reintroduction occurred. Public support was significant, truly a ground swell of grassroots efforts from a variety of sources (The Wolf Fund and Defenders of Wildlife both at the forefront, plus many others). It is hard to imagine how such a controversial program achieved the success it did. Behind the scenes, there were many others, most notably Norman Bishop, an NPS employee who worked on his own time to educate the public about restoration and why to support it.”

Congress Approved Wolf Reintroduction first in 1973 and second in 1982.. Via the ESA.. So perhaps Nixon is the president that approved it..Also somebody in that power structure had the political authority to authorize the use of the $45-60 million$..  Proof, no investigations no jail time nothing.. Because they made it legal. Lawyers do that, make things legal as they go..

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