September 23, 2023

Who Is Ruining The Economy? What Is Their Purpose? Do You See The New Economy Yet?

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They ruined the logging, and that is all the loggers can see.. The economy that supported my business was destroyed.. The economic collapses are part of UNEPs agenda.. Housing has been ruined.. A large part of the plumbing trade was overhead and profit connected to plumbing fixture sales.. All wiped out.. Plumbing trucks with no inventory nor apprentices anymore because the money is not in the business to support those needs.. All businesses have been negatively effected by this new economic model.. Not just ranching/hunting/logging.. We’re all in it..

What happened to the Adam Smith Economic Philosophy.. ? They changed it to the Karl Marx United Nations Economic ‘Environmental’ is Eugenics Sustainable Development Policies.. The new economy.. It doesn’t work worth a damn..

Why’d I walk away from my own plumbing contracting firm? No overhead no profit. If you wanted to stay in business you worked for labor only. Then I had to fight over marking up materials that I bought and provided. In the builders minds, and in their rich customers minds, who controlled the builder, any markup over 10% was considered theft. Even though I was still under retail by 35%. Anyone who sells their materials and labor for the lowest possible cost, just enough to pay bills and stay afloat will not grow their business, will not find top hands to work for them and will not make enough to cover future investments for the growth of the business.

And the fixture wholesalers betrayed the plumbing contractors by selling fixtures at wholesale pricing to building contractors and home owners. Add a sick economical market into the mix along with new guys starting their own businesses who don’t have a shop or are fully equipped who are selling themselves to cheap and it was adios construction. When you have a pack of starving dogs on your doorstep they’ll take whatever you’re willing to pay em..

I own more equipment and mechanized tools than all of the plumbers in this area except one.. Add onto that the non payers that all businesses suffer from. I know a business in the Valley that carries $100,000 annually from non payers. Most of that is sent to collections. When they collect the biz doesn’t even break even. Like my ole daddy used to say, building contractors are whores.. This country has been coerced into non profits. Collectivist Capitalism and the backward thinking that debt is a tool for growth. Thus being servants to their lenders.

It has become the practice of businesses to borrow capitol from the bank to expand their business and personal goals.. Big mistake.. It is the reverse ideology of financial sanity in my opinion. Build small save small and live small.. Until you have your own capitol to accomplish business and personal growth goals.. The big mistake is living on the edge of a financial cliff. In that scenario you are not in control of future economic issues that can shut you down.

Additionally as I stated elsewhere everyone still in that game who disagrees with my thinking on this matter are debt slaves, they have no choice. They tell me about their debt load as if they are proud of it..

I’ve been in and out helping three different plumbing shops when they’re overbooked on their work load.. So they bring me to help catch up.. I’ve noticed there are no apprentices. Also the plumbing trucks have no inventory.. What is inventory? Basically inventory on my plumbing truck 5 of almost every black gas, potable water, and waste and vent system fittings.. Also 500′ of waste and vent pipe, a combination of 1-1/2 up to 4″ and 700′ of water pipe 1/2′ – 3/4″ – 1″… Hand tools power tools and the best pedestal sump pump.. Air compressor, jack hammer, a couple of small pipe threaders.. Various glues, pipe dopes, and soldering equipment. I did not pack around the steel gas pipe nor the large threader, unless I was transporting that to a job site to install a steel gas system.

So the thing is these shops can’t afford apprentices nor inventory. So what i see going on out there is inefficiency.. I can stand it for about 50 hours and then I start to get angry.. Especially at my age.. I hate wasting time needing parts that should be at hand. And a young tough wants to learn the trade apprentice would be a major plus.. When I apprenticed I worked with a plumber all the time.. Now what I see out there is a plumber doing the apprentice work and the plumbing work. And as there is not enough work anymore many plumbers have left the trade.. I’ve left the trade although I go in and out with one shop that is trying to hang on in a dying economy.. Most of the people out there can’t even do isometrics.. Even the trades are dumbed down now.. amazing..

Who is they? What is their real purpose? The answer is relatively simple..