September 27, 2023

So Something Happened In Vegas

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Real or fake in Vegas the same old anti gun BS comes up… So apparently from reading around the internet various leftist enlightened gurus are singing the same old more gun control song.. Ok, so the left want Donald Trump’s Administration to disarm us apparently..

People who dislike Donald Trump and who, rightfully so, call out the problem of police brutality in America, want to give all the guns in the country to Donald Trump and the police. So the leftists are ok with Donald Trump and that administration disarming the 99% of the gun owning collective that did not go insane and shoot up a concert’s attendees?

Are you leftist boys and girls certain you want to be disarmed with a Donald Trump Administration running the show?

Or just the AR-15s AR-10s which are not full auto weapons and the 50 BMG toys? And that little bump stock.. Meanwhile the Donald’s government has M-16s, MP-5s M-60s, General Electric Mini Guns, full auto 50 BMGs, Apache Helicopters and various tanks at their disposal..And that’s just the short list..

And you’re going to feel safer from those convenient mentally ill lone nut cases that pop up at politically convenient times..


Somebody please place an order for more leftist diapers… they’ve shit themselves again…