June 3, 2023

Once Again, More Calls For “Sensible” Gun Regulations

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Shootings, followed by the call to ban guns or seek “sensible” gun regulations, happen so often now one might be led to believe these are planned events, designed to divide the nation further with the ultimate goal of ridding the populace of their right to keep and bear arms. It is, after all, the ONLY roadblock to total communistic, dictatorial rule.

In the Maine Portland Press Herald, an educated doctor attempts to demand for “sensible” gun regulations while claiming to be a big gun owner herself. One of the problems with the entire piece is that there is not sensible suggestions by the author as to what “sensible” regulations would look like. The only point the author tries to make is that it’s more difficult to buy Sudafed than a gun.

So what!

Lacking also in the commentary is any indication that the good doctor has a clue as to human behavior. While “sensible” gun regulations will surely prevent the honest citizen, one who almost never kills others, from exercising their right to keep and bear arms without government licensing and approval, while being indoctrinated by government educators. A doctor may be well educated, as this doctor appears to specialize in nutritional supplements, but fails to understand that gun regulations only affect the law-abiding people and have zero affect on the criminals and mentally deranged who want to kill and harm others.

Gun banners just don’t get it.

In addition, the Second Amendment is the only amendment that is constantly being targeted for repeal or “sensible” regulations. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people and will use whatever weapon is within reach.

While the good doctor’s ideas might seem appealing to some, intelligent people have gone beyond emotional clap-trap and have a firm grip on the data that tells us regulations change nothing except forces lawful citizens to pay more in taxes to comply with “sensible” gun laws, and to register their guns on a national list kept by the government.

No Thanks!

Perhaps the good doctor should concentrate on “sensible” regulations of her “nutritional supplements,” and the sale of Sudafed. Each year more than 20,000 people end up in emergency rooms with serious conditions caused by taking supplements. Sudafed can kill as well.

It is not contradictory to seek “sensible” regulations on over-the-counter chemicals and supplements while opposing “sensible” regulations on guns. You see the big difference here is that people know that guns will kill you if used improperly. However, they assume that nutritional supplements are safe and will not harm you. After all, they are often recommended by doctors to their patients.