November 28, 2023

Not Interested Means Preferring The Bliss of Ignorance

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There is a rest of every story going on around us all.. Weather it is the Wolf – anti hunting movement.. The political charade most are caught up in.. The lies public welfare teachers and those public welfare free indoctrination institutions put forth as a good “education”. Not interested also means afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. This has been and is my watch and that is the deepest thing I can say is why I have fought so hard. They have stolen our minds far to easily and I could not and cannot standby and do nothing. I will not leave the earth with my death without having done everything I can do on my watch to cause one more man or woman to show an interest in taking back their own mind from these liars exploiting us and this earths resources for their own gain.. For their own selfish interests that has nothing to do with any other peoples future generations except their own.. All other bloodlines to those who have done this to us according to their words terms and beliefs are a plague upon this earth.. If you believe in anything coming out of their think tanks they have you right where they want you.. Dumb unto death..