December 9, 2023

Thank You For Helping Us Reach 600,000 People This Week

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To bad they all didn’t donate $30.00 each then you’d have $30,000,000 for those lawsuits you all keep threatening to bring forth against the wolf program agenda… Lawsuits are like threatening bloody noses… All talk and no action.. Along with no guarantee on how a lawsuit brought forth will turn out… Sure, a lawsuit against the wolf program will set the United Nations Environmental Policies Agenda and that useful tool the ESA on it’s heals backed up against the ropes… You bet man… A couple more lawsuits to force the owners of the COTUS to use that COTUS to benefit rural folks rather than super elite super wealthy folks that actually own that piece of trash document should do the trick.. Throw in a well meaning legislator or congressional critter or two for good measure… You bet… Never mind the well documented U.S. court case history over the lifetime of that document showing the challenges against the federalists to use that document to represent all men here in the US instead of a small handful of filthy rich bastards… Oh yes but real history isn’t your forte aye guys? When you clowns get over that mole hill I have a mountain to show you…

Thank you! You are doing an awesome job!

Keep up the great work

Yeah man!

The U.N. and the ESA is on the run now….Right straight at ya…