September 22, 2023

Ethyl The Traveling Grizzly Mystery Is No Mystery At All

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Ethyl may or may not have even existed. One thing I’m certain of is that Ethyl is a made up story.. Possibly there is a radio collar named Ethyl.. This radio collar was taken on a trip.. Or Ethyl could be a computerized story modeling a grizzly taking a mysterious walk about that leaves the “story tellers” baffled and the pantheists mystified.. Anyway, when liars get together they make up tall tales… What a nice story about a nice bear making its way through all of those evil people… Some people will believe every story… If only all of those people were not in the way of wildlife connectivity… Now on the other hand if this bear really did this 5,000 mile hike across Idaho and Montana and managed to stay out of trouble and might have been observed by several people including elk and deer hunters and back country equestrians, well so what… Grizzly’s still get into trouble and still need to be shot if they attempt to kill a man.. I do think that USFWS and IDFG have placed grizzly bears into Central Idaho and I do think those bears walked back to where they came from.. Why do I think that? Because I have two good eyes in my head that observed IDFG tracking a very interesting large bear in the Sawtooth Wilderness, and three times I met up with very interesting enormously large 700 pounds plus bears headed east.. My interest faded when I realized I was not looking at an enormous brown bear that would be a state record, It was a grizzly trotting home..   And I spent a ton of time in back country where the rarest critter I ever observed was the pantheist weekend public lands worshiper back in there farther than ten miles.. Maybe I saw Ethyl.. Ethyl get your collar on…