June 2, 2023

Mountain Lions Not Only Cat THAT Preys on Deer

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A Bangor Daily News column incorrectly titles their piece, “Biologist says mountain lions aren’t the only cats ‘WHO’ prey on deer.” You see an animal is not a who. A who is in reference to a person. An animal is NOT a person, nor does it even have human traits. Contrary to what we are taught today, an animal does not have “rights” either, but that doesn’t stop the perverts from pushing for them.

I have pointed out often and recently when we see headlines such as this, it is an exemplification of the brainwashing we have all been subjected to. This ignorance must stop if we are ever expected to get back to any kind of normalcy in dealing with animals…..but it won’t.

In the piece itself, the author appears to have some kind of feared aversion to “conspiracy theorists.” Not sure what that’s all about, short of the fact that most who quickly resort to calling anyone and anything that makes them uncomfortable the work of a conspiracy theorist, is, perhaps, simply ignorant of facts and refuses to expand their knowledge of an issue.

In addition, one biologist does not a fish and wildlife department make. Perhaps Walter Jakubas would like confirmation that mountain lions “walk among us,” however, I don’t. It would be a terrible thing to confirm that event. I’ll spare the details, for now, as to why. That doesn’t mean the entire department shares the same feelings. I hope they don’t. In addition, I hope they don’t spend one red dime of my tax money trying to “prove” that mountain lions “walk among us.” We have enough influence from the animal perverts who are attempting to destroy life in Maine.

If we examine the past history of how the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) has responded to and the treatment toward those reporting what they think they saw, is it any wonder that readers make comments that express their belief that MDIFW would never admit mountain lions exist in Maine? Instead, I guess we label them conspiracy theorist and then walk away snickering. An enlightened person might ask just exactly who are the ignorant ones.

There’s an old Bible verse that tells us that we should not “cast our pearls before swine.” Maybe that someone saw what they believed to be a mountain lion in the woods, or run in front of them while traveling down the highway, as one of those pearls. Sharing that pearl of an experience with swine accomplishes nothing, excepts subjects you to ignorant ridicule and public scoffing.

Enjoy the pearl and consider it a unique experience. That’s the best you can do.