June 4, 2023

The Left-Controlled Takeover of Wildlife Management

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I have written often about the Leftist Animal Rights’ takeover of wildlife management. I have often reminded readers of the outward display of mostly free-flowing power among these leftists who vowed they would change the way wildlife management was looked at and carried out in this country. And they have.

In these discussions, I have also attempted to articulate to readers how, as part of the takeover, this progressive, leftist disease has oozed into every fabric of our lives, i.e. education, media, politics, etc. at every level of society. We know, for example, that “brainstorming sessions,” “breakout sessions,” “planning meetings,” “leadership seminars and symposiums,” and all other similar events are designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to manipulate and change the way people look at and discuss social issues (wildlife management).

To put these thoughts and known existences into some sort of order that makes sense, is accurate, and spoken in truth, is a difficult thing for me to do. I wish I was better at it.

Today, I found words written by another man that seems to fit the lamentations that I have had about how our wildlife management departments have been taken over by the progressive’s diseases. Mostly I have described that takeover as coming from our departments of education, where the Left dominates, packaging thought-controlled, brainwashed, automatons and readying them for shipment to the next wildlife management department to perpetuate and build on the takeover.

In the article that I read, the author speaks of how human resources departments throughout corporate America have systematically been taken over by the Left. Think for a moment the power and control a human resources department has over who is employed and at what capacity.

The author describes this affair thusly – and you may need a dictionary handy, as I did, to grasp the full impact of what he is saying: “Like a suppurating orifice, the human resource department provides an ideal site for the multiplication of the bacterium politicus correctus. For one thing, such departments are always organized as top-down, unaccountable bureaucracies. HR departments are known for their arbitrariness masquerading under the rubric of “policy,” Wizard-of-Oz-like impersonality, and slavish conformity to faddish diktats promulgated as “best practices,” weenie speak for “do it my way.” In this sense, HR departments are like pseudopods of progressive government bureaucracies grafted onto the pliant stock of corporate timidity. It is not surprising, then, that HR departments tend to attract meddling and astringent personalities whose most cherished delight revolves around lording it over others.”

The next time you wonder just what in hell your favorite fish and game department is doing that is destroying everything wonderful that you learned as a child fishing, hunting, and trapping, just pull out this gem and you’ll have your answer.

You can fight it or jump in bed with it. The choice is yours, although you may not know the difference.