September 23, 2023

Money and Animals Take Precedence Over HSUS’ Women Employees

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As I have iterated over the years, radical animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), are so perverted toward animals they would sell their souls to the Devil in order to have a relationship with an animal. Such is revealing its perverted, sick, demented, head, as the Board of Directors who voted to retain Wayne Pacelle as CEO because he made them money and his job was to protect animals.

Comments from board members include, “We didn’t hire him to be a choir boy.” “We hired him to do a good job for the animals.” And, “Our mission is to help animals, not to investigate Wayne’s allegations from years ago.”

The board voted 17-9 to retain Pacelle effectively telling the world they didn’t care one bit about the women employees of HSUS, some of whom allege that Pacelle made unwanted sexual advancements, solicited oral sex and asked one woman if he could masturbate in front of her.

HSUS has, under no uncertain terms, let everyone know that they are interested only in your money and protecting animals in the fashion of their perverted idealism.

Since the boards vote, Pacelle has resigned as CEO of HSUS stating that he must leave to keep the group of sick bastards “united.” That’s one way of looking at it, but when you consider the statements and actions of this wicked and abnormal group of animal deviants, one can only conclude that he made a deal that will drop the investigation and there will be no justice for the victims. So much for #metoo.

However, it doesn’t matter who is in charge of HSUS or sits on the board of directors, any group of people this mentally ill will simply continue doing what has profited them millions of dollars, because to them it is their priority.

And the remaining perverted animal lovers will continue pouring millions of dollars into this organization. I wonder how many of them are women?

This world is insane.