June 6, 2023

Beam Us Up Scotty!! We Gonna Sue The S[s]tate We Gonna Sue The S[s]tate

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Listen Carefully, for only $26.00 You Too Can Save America….

Today being 19 hours ago..Yesterday.. Scotty gonna save Hunting ranching farming fishing and America with A copy of Brooms Maxims of the law 8th edition 1882… Shit man if I’d only known all these years I could have thrown my copy of that trash at them and ended this chaos…

# 57122 at lawbookexchange dot com for only about $26.

It is Broom’s Maxims of the Law, 8th ed. 1882. The maxim discussing sovereign immunity is “the king can do no wrong”.

I will be ordering it today. Thank you!
S. Rockholm~

Absolute 100% waste of time.. But go ahead.. It’s the only way you are going to FINALLY catch up…

Who owns the common law? You’re gonna find out…We already did years ago…

The Traditions of Men Are Laws For Fictions –
The ownership of law is the ownership of the ‘traditions of men’, and as traditions, law are personally owned private fictions –

It is most instructive to read –
Of American Canon Law, or of the National Canon Law of the United States, pages 53 – pages 54, which in part reads as follows,
Q. What is meant by American canon law ?
A. By the national eccl. law of this country we understand the various derogations from the ” jus commune, ” or the different customs that exist among the churches in the United States, and are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff. We say, ” are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff ” ; for, as was seen, no national law can become legitimate except by at least the tacit or legal consent of the Pope. Again, the ” jus particulare ” of a nation always remains subject to the authority of the Holy See in such manner as to be repealable at any time by it. Hence, the jus nationale, or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the United States, may be abolished at any time by the Sovereign Pontiff.
The entire book is worth a read.

The common law still remains a ‘civil law system’ in the ownership of fictional traditions originating with man – the clergy being the fountain of its issuance – when we read,
The phrase “the common law of the civil law systems” means those underlying laws that create a distinct legal system and are common to all its elements.
Jus commune

‘In the civil law. Common right; the common and natural rule of right, as opposed to jus singulare, (q. v.) Mackeld. Rom. Law,’
Whose common and natural rule of right ? That is to say, common and natural right belonging to whom; in whose interests ?

The owner.. They own the State, the states, and they own the law.. All of it…

In the officially sanctioned encyclopedia of the Church, ‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, we read, second paragraph –
“Canon law may be divided into various branches…”
Under the fifth bullet-point, we find bracketed –
“( jus universale et particulare)”, meaning – jus universale (universal law or jurisdiction); jus particulare (particular / local law or jurisdiction).
This concurs with the terms used on page 53 in Elements of ecclesiastical law (1895) of the section titled, ‘ART. II – Of American Canon Law, or of the National Canon Law of the United States’.
New Advent Encyclopedia endorsement at bottom of homepage, reads –
“The Editors take occasion on the appearance of this first volume to express their gratitude to all who have taken part with them in this enterprise; in particular to the hierarchy for their cordial endorsement…”

Have a nice and pleasurable time trying to sue the state with their own intellectual property.. This has been tried countless times all throughout this nation/states history starting as early as the Whiskey Rebellion.. All the way until now…

Hurry Scotty… You’re a slow fking learner but at least someday you’ll catch up with reality…

Meanwhile the circle jerk rolls on down the highway paved with good intentions…