June 2, 2023

Shuffling The BLM Swamp Or Spreading The Disease

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I predict these people are getting promoted.. The attack is going to spread out.. Only damned fools cannot see this for what it is.. obviously these people are fully indoctrinated with the UNEP-Agenda 2100 mental disorder and the purpose is to spread it not extinguish it.. Scott, you’re a damned fool..And this web site I’m sharing is loaded with mythological garbage, is controlled opposition, is the reverse double speak Hegelian answer to the left wing controlled opposition, both leading those leftist rightist paradigmers down the vary same primrose path with thorns to the identical solution, conclusion.. On the way there they provide no real solutions backed by real evidence as answers. NONE!

Shuffling the Swamp: BLM leaders shifted to other agencies in Interior reorganization