September 27, 2023


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Bódi sátra, “Body Sat Ra”; or, “in the body sat Ra”–”in the body sits god”.
Meat Life; mundo carne: A psycho-synthetic experiential event sequence.
In the body of meat sits a psycho psyche with dingle balls rattling around in its head…

Living in a leftist exceptionalism delusional moral high ground bubble… Pop goes that bubble….




21st Century Facebook Zombie

“No other civilized country on the planet has a wanton mass shooting problem like America’s. And yes, it is absolutely true that ( A) no other country has anywhere near the per capita ownership of guns and virtually unrestricted availability of guns , and (B) the NRA used to be a great organization dedicated to education , training, inclusiveness, and above all responsible gun regulations. The NRA used to support gun control measures. But that was before 1970 . It is patently obvious that the rise in wanton mass shootings in America is hardcoupled to the NRA’s ascension as a political force to be reckoned with after they set aside their mission statement and began the relentless push to indoctrinate America that the 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct and gun ownership is an absolute right über alles. Thus the upward death spiral began, and the NRA is the vertex of the vortex. We all look back fondly on days in our own lifetimes when gun ownership was no big deal and mass shootings didn’t occur. What changed ? The NRA, that’s who . Then along came the internet, right wing talk radio and conservative news fabrication factories . The NRA not only did NOTHING to stop the irresponsible chain reaction of ‘gun rights trumps all’ , the NRA encouraged wholesale openended unrestricted gun proliferation at exactly the time we needed to rein in guns and ramp up responsibility and regulation. Social networking and pathogenic politics were unleashed as carriers of the plague. Somehow the NRA felt they were suddenly threatened by the backlash to the early gun rampages and calls for new rules , so they spend millions on propagandizing and political push , and they buy Congressmen. “ Thou shalt not infringe the right to bear arms “ became the 11th Commandment. The NRA got into the industrial strength brainwashing business. The number of active members in the NRA who are in lockstep with the organization’s mandates is far less than one percent of the American population, but that small percentage includes policy makers who have been corrupted to the cause. Thus the rest of us are held hostage to the NRA ideologic nightmare, whether overtly or secondarily so. And people die…. a wanton mass shooting every 2-3 days now. The rise of the NRA’s radical indoctrination of gun absolution and the rise of mass shootings is not a coincidence. The NRA’s giant circle jerk is both Cause and Effect of mass shootings in America. They punked us. The results speak for themselves. The Grim Reaper is grinning.“—Dewey Vanderhoff

People may as well paint their windshields flat black, get drunk and go for a speed ride. They seem stupid enough…Psychos with jinglebells going off in their heads…

Just remember you’re the ones who wanted the police state…