November 28, 2023

Gun Violence: Talking About the Truth Behind It

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In reading through several news articles following the Parkland, Florida shooting, I found the below examination among those that seem more interested in addressing the real issue of why people are turning to the murder and destruction of people.

“Cross guns off the list of things that changed in thirty years. In 1985, semi-automatic rifles existed, and a semi-automatic rifle was used in Florida. Guns didn’t suddenly decide to visit mayhem on schools. Guns can’t decide.

We can also cross the Second Amendment off the list. It existed for over 200 years before this wickedness unfolded. Nothing changed in the Constitution.

That leaves us with some uncomfortable possibilities remaining. What has changed from thirty years ago when kids could take firearms into school responsibly and today might involve some difficult truths.”<<<Read More>>>

It is certain that other than some technological developments in the manufacture of guns, little has changed. Never in the history of the world has a gun involuntarily gotten up and killed somebody.

However, I’m not so sure one can carte blanche say that the Second Amendment has not changed. I’m not so sure either that one can, and pass a straight-face test, say that what changes have taken place concerning Second Amendment issues have not, to some degree, directly or indirectly had an effect on people dying from gun violence.

The Second Amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bears arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED and yet that is exactly what has happened. As a result, a person’s “right” to self-defense has been limited. One cannot help but ask how many people died because their right to be able to protect themselves AT ALL TIME, has been denied them due to changes in the how the Second Amendment is interpreted.

This should not, however, detract from the truth that much of the reason that murder, violence, sexual abuse, rape, child molestation, drug use, immorality, etc. etc. is all due to a spiraling downward moralistic society.

Let’s talk about that for a change instead of a person’s right to keep and bear arms.