February 7, 2023

Is Maine “School Safety” Bill Asking Tax Payers to “Trust” Government For What It Will Do?

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*Editor’s Note* – According to the Portland Press Herald article below, a proposed bill and $20-million in funding will make some Maine schools “safer” with “appropriate safety measures” that will “…actually make our schools a safer place to learn,” with “…proven security upgrades,” but, “Specific security measures are confidential.” Are Maine’s citizens supposed to trust the government, like we have always trusted the government to keep us safe, because “specific security measures,” can’t be revealed? The Government kept us “safe” during the Boston Marathon, 9/11, Parkland, San Bernadino, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook… shall I continue?

I am from the Government and I’m here to help. TRUST ME! No thank you! There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

A Republican lawmaker who proposed legislation seeking a $20 million bond to fund state-specified school safety improvements developed the bill in concert with the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. The hunting and fishing organization rarely involves itself with school issues but is a fierce opponent of most gun control legislation.<<<Read More>>>